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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Augmented Reality

So yesterday I started working on an augmented reality tutorial using the Layar app for Destiny Quest that I can make available for teachers or kids who missed the lessons. I am using tools that are new to me, but that I have found from other librarian's blogs or tweets. One tool I really like is Recite This. It is a simple tool to create more polished speech bubbles or text boxes. Looks like this:
For my augmented reality tutorial, I'm using Recite This to make direction and explanation buttons. Another tool I'm using is Tellagami. I created an avatar of myself(ish) and recorded my voice giving directions and explanations. I exported the Tellagami to my Youtube channel and made it unlisted so it is only accessible with the link, and then put it in Layar as a movie by inserting the Youtube link. I made the Tellagami on my phone, and for the background took a picture of the Quest screen on my computer.
For Layar, I took a screenshot of Destiny Quest, and inserted the YouTube link and the Recite This word balloon. I created the Layar campaign on my computer, and downloaded the free Layar app on my phone. When I wanted to see what it looked like, I clicked "test", opened the Layar app on my phone, and scanned the screen. The Youtube video of my Tellagami pops up and so does the Recite This word balloon. This campaign isn't finished, but I put the first screen below for you to play with. Make sure to download the Layar app from the app store on your iPad or other device first. I got the idea from Shannon Miller. Go here to see my first simple attempt.